Aviation & Transportation

Aviation & Transportation

3 Simple Steps To An Effective Aviation and Transportation Flooring Strategy

Consider some of the most high traffic areas in the aviation and transportation industry:

  • Aviation terminals
  • Train stations
  • Car dealership showrooms
  • Bus depots
  • Professional garages
  • Train stations

What do they all have in common? They all endure continuous foot and vehicular traffic non-stop, every single day. How about chemical and environmental abuse? That too.

The answer is 3 simple steps: Durability, Customization and Safety.

Durability is what Crown Polymer’s exclusive flooring systems guarantees for all types of aviation and transportation surfaces. The extreme versatility of their flooring solutions are designed for the most high traffic areas:

  • High performance polymer floor overlay
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor environments
  • Designed for high moisture areas
  • High resistance to thermal shock
  • Fast cure and fast turnaround

All of these spaces require durable flooring that can withstand heavy foot traffic and other common hazards. Many transportation floors endure all types of abuse on a daily basis. Crown Polymer flooring systems offer:

  • Durable, long lasting floor options that perform well even in the most extreme environments

Customization is so key to your customer’s ability to create their own unique experience in flooring design. It is the single most important reason to elevate customer and brand loyalty.

Crown Polymer’s highly customizable aviation and transportation flooring systems offer:

  • Wide range of colors to create the ‘wow factor’ and set the right mood
  • Wide range of design options to meet transportation space decor and style
  • Full range of accessories including color coordinated sealants, nosing, trims and moldings

Safety of employees and passengers is number one when it comes to the right flooring. Slip and fall accidents cost the transportation industry millions of dollars each year. Protect your passengers and avoid litigation with the sustained slip resistance inherent in all Crown Polymer’s transport flooring solutions. We are committed to helping you select the right floor for your transportation project and we can even create customized turn-key kits for easy installation.

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