Commercial & Retail

Commercial & Retail

Do This and Your Customers Will Be Floored

These days the world of retail is highly competitive. An inviting and attractive environment creates an unforgettable experience that inspires customers to spend more time and money in your store, exciting them to come back again and again. In the workplace, the need for flooring design options that are exciting and refreshing or more traditional, comfortable and classic is crucial for employees and visiting clients.

The various spaces available in the commercial and retail sector include:

  • Specialty Stores
  • Grocery Stores
  • Hospitality
  • Mass Merchant
  • Discount Stores
  • Drug Stores
  • Department Stores
  • Restaurants

As your brand sets you apart, so does the flooring you choose in communicating your brand message and image. Flooring that is beautifully attractive, durable and virtually maintenance free helps you create and maintain an atmosphere that attracts first time customers and repeat visitors for years to come.

Design Your Own One-Of-A-Kind Flooring

You have the power to create your own one-of-a-kind flooring that is aesthetically beautiful yet incredibly durable with Crown Polymer’s Flooring solutions. We offer commercial flooring systems that:

  • Come in a wide range of colors and blends, coating designs, shapes and textures
  • Offer custom solutions designed to create inviting environments where customers can comfortably shop
  • Coordinate across categories and collections providing unlimited design options to complement décor
  • Display your company logo under easy to clean clear epoxy coatings

Reasons to Order Our Flooring Systems

  • Modular flexibility, large format shapes and sizes
  • Easy to create unique designs, shapes and patterns using a wide palette of coordinated colors
  • Durable, long lasting performance against heavy foot and rolling load traffic
  • Hard working decorative epoxy coating provides industry-leading resistance to scratches, stains and scuffs

Versatility is key for commercial and retail flooring. While each area of the commercial and retail floor spaces are unique and have their own needed flair, the spaces are part of the whole. Crown Polymer’s flooring design portfolio offer:

  • Designs that can unite the independent spaces and
  • Bring a distinctive and integrated look to the installation
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