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Industrial Floors

Edwards Air Force Base


Being in the desert, Edwards Air Force Base needed a system to keep the static electricity under control, they also needed a perfectly level floor system. Self-leveling Product 352 ESD, Crown Pro Spark Shield ESD was placed at 2mm thick. Product 353, Crown Pro Spark Shield Top Coat, works as a team with Product 352. This is the highest quality, highest durability ESD system. After the top coat cured, in this hanger two Crown Images were inlayed into the floor with Product 332, Crown Pro 6.

Job Completed: May 2012-Febuary 2013

Products Used

Crown Pro Spark Shield

CrownPro™ SparkShield is an Electrostatic Dissipating (ESD) Epoxy Overlay System. It consists of two products, Crown Spark Shield 2mm SL Primer Base Coat, Product No. 352, a 100% solids, low viscosity conductive epoxy 2mm SL Base Coat and CrownPro™ SparkShield TopCoat, Product No. 353, a 100% solids, low viscosity, non-shrink, two-component, modified conductive epoxy top coat

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332 - CrownPro 6

CrownPro 6, Product No. 332 is Non-Yellowing, Two-Component UV Stable Aliphatic Polyurea Top Coat for Concrete, Polymer Floor, and Deck Coating Systems.

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