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Fat Boyz Pub & Grill


A small town bar and restaurant. Owners wanted to achieve the effect of a larger space for their long narrow footprint. Product 316, Crown Shield 3-D SL was chosen and the dimensional effects in the specialized glitter in the 1/16” self- leveling system gives the room a deeper and wider look. Product 316 is applied over a cured black Product 320 and Crown Shield 50 base coat. An Image, Product 309, laid in with fast cure Product 308 was added at the entry door. Top coated with Product 332, Crown Pro 6 and # 60 aluminum oxide throughout and a blend of # 60 and # 46 aluminum oxide around the doorways for extra safety against water and snow.

Job Completed: April 2008

Products Used

Crown Shield 3-D SL

CrownShield 3-D SL, Product No. 316 is a three-component epoxy floor overlay containing multi-color glitter.It is a 100% solids, non-shrink, modified for better UV stability(see limitations), nearly no odor during application of the clear polymer.It is applied over a CrownShield 50, Product No. 320 black base coat.

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320 CrownShield® 50

CrownShield® 50, Product No. 320 is a two-component straw (Clear) or pigmented epoxy floor coating or epoxy polymer concrete (EPC) when aggregate is added. It is a 100% solids, moisture-insensitive, non-shrink, nearly no odor during application.

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309 CrownImage

CrownImage TM, is an innovative Made-To-Fit Printed Fabric Encapsulated in an UV Resistant Clear Polymer Overlay System. The composite designed consist of a 100% solids, 100% reactive, low viscosity polyurea that monolithically bonds the system to the concrete,

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332 - CrownPro 6

CrownPro 6, Product No. 332 is Non-Yellowing, Two-Component UV Stable Aliphatic Polyurea Top Coat for Concrete, Polymer Floor, and Deck Coating Systems.

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