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Most Images are of corporate logos, this fully remodeled garage (man cave) took elements from his home and brought then out to border the garage. A double broadcast of Crown Colored Quartz with Product 323, Crown Shield 40-2 was applied, with Product 304, Crown Flex Membrane on the wood stair tread to prevent cracking from the movement, before final topcoat the image was applied with Product 309, Crown Image Adhesive. Top coat of Product 332, Crown Pro 6 was applied over complete area to achieve a monolithic system.

Job Completed: March 2009

Products Used

CrownShield® 40-2

CrownShield® 40-2, Product No. 323 is a two-component pigmented modified epoxy floor base coating or epoxy polymer concrete (EPC) when aggregate is added. It is a 100% solids, moisture-insensitive, non-shrink, nearly no odor during application. It is not a top coat.

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CrownPro 6

CrownPro 6, Product No. 332 is Non-Yellowing, Two-Component UV Stable Aliphatic Polyurea Top Coat for Concrete, Polymer Floor, and Deck Coating Systems.

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CrownFlex™ Membrane

CrownFlex™ Membrane, Product No. 304 is a 100% Solids, Moisture-insensitive, Non-shrink, Two-Component Epoxy Membrane and Base Coat.

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CrownImage™, Product No. 309 is an innovative Made-To- Fit Printed Fabric Encapsulated in an UV Resistant Clear Polymer Overlay System.

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