Step Upon The Next Level Of Industrial Flooring Greatness

Today’s modern manufacturing facilities are designed to be multi-functional. The layout requires the right floor for the right application.

Consider the multitude of areas in a modern manufacturing facility:

  • Assembly Area
  • Loading Docks
  • Mechanical Rooms
  • Charging Stations
  • Locker Rooms
  • Reception Area
  • Clean Rooms
  • Machine Shop
  • Rest Rooms
  • Containment Areas
  • Maintenance Shop

With so many functional areas, the flooring solution must satisfy all areas of the facility. Crown Polymer’s industrial flooring solutions does just that:

  • Provides slip-resistant surfaces for workers that is also chemical-resistant and
  • Withstands the wear and tear of everyday traffic throughout the facility
  • Designates aisle ways, work spaces and traffic flow to boost safety and feature your facility for customer visits

Durability and Performance Second to None

Crown Polymer’s industrial flooring solutions for manufacturing address the specific multi-functional flooring needs of manufacturing facilities. From heavy wear and tear, abrasion and the serious abuse from oils and chemicals to slip-resistant surfaces that handle high traffic without creating visible wear patterns.

Our industrial flooring solutions can be customized with formulations that can handle:

  • The harsh demands of warehouses, assembly lines and machine shops.
  • Complete waterproof surfaces for rest rooms and locker rooms
  • Wide range of decorative patterns and blends to match any decor for visitor and reception areas

All of our manufacturing flooring solutions are:

  • Easy to install with no delays in production required.
  • High moisture tolerant
  • Thicker, self-priming and ideal choice for installation on freshly placed concrete, rough existing floors or where higher impact is desired
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