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Multilevel Apartment Parking Garage


Residential Parking garage, all levels were shot blasted, joints filled with Product 501, Crown Flex Joint Sealer (Gel Grade). Base coat of Product 304, Crown Flex Membrane. A double broadcast system consisting of Product 323, Crown Shield 40-2 pigmented for both lifts with 40 mesh silica sand. Top coated with Product 319, Crown Shield UV pigmented. A blend of # 36 and # 46 aluminum oxide back rolled into top coat on all ramps. Product 359, CrownShield Line Striping was used for safety lines and stall numbers using pre-cut number cards.

Job Completed: August 2009

Products Used

CrownFlex™Joint Sealer

CrownFlex™Joint Sealer Gel Grade, Product No. 501 is a 100% Solids, Moisture-insensitive, Non-shrink, Two-Component Modified Epoxy Gel Consistency Joint Filler.

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CrownFlex™ Membrane

CrownFlex™ Membrane, Product No. 304 is a 100% Solids, Moisture-insensitive, Non-shrink, Two-Component Epoxy Membrane and Base Coat.

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CrownShield® 40-2

CrownShield® 40-2, Product No. 323 is a two-component pigmented modified epoxy floor base coating or epoxy polymer concrete (EPC) when aggregate is added. It is a 100% solids, moisture-insensitive, non-shrink, nearly no odor during application. It is not a top coat.

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Crown Shield UV

CrownShield, Product No. 319 is a two-component pigmented epoxy floor polymer. It is a 100% solids, non-shrink, highly modified for better UV resistance (see limitations), nearly no odor during application of the polymer.

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CrownShield® Line Striping

CrownShield® Line Striping, Product No 359 is a 100% solids, non-shrink, moisture-insensitive, two-component modified high- modulus smooth epoxy coating formulated to adhere and cure on damp or dry wood, steel and concrete surfaces.

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