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Santa Barbara Harley Davidson


Multi colored double broadcast quartz, Product 323, Crown Shield 40-2, for base coat and intermediate coat. 1st top coat, Product 332, Crown Pro 6. Before second top coat, contractor put saw cuts between colors to insert metal strips with Product 120, Crown Crack Sealer (rapid cure). Final top coat Product 332, Crown Pro 6.

Job Completed: November 2009

Products Used

323 Crown Shield 40-2

CrownShield® 40-2, Product No. 323 is a two-component pigmented modified epoxy floor base coating or epoxy polymer concrete (EPC) when aggregate is added. It is a 100% solids, moisture-insensitive, non-shrink, nearly no odor during application. It is not a top coat.

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332 - CrownPro 6

CrownPro 6, Product No. 332 is Non-Yellowing, Two-Component UV Stable Aliphatic Polyurea Top Coat for Concrete, Polymer Floor, and Deck Coating Systems.

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Crown Crack Sealer

CrownCrack Sealer, Product No. 120 is a 100% solids, non-shrink, non-sag, moisture insensitive, two-component modified high-modulus smooth epoxy paste adhesive formulated to adhere and cure on damp or dry surfaces.

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