Technology & Science

Technology & Science

The Ultimate Strategy for Technology and Science Epoxy Flooring

Dust and particulates can be an absolute disaster for scientific and technological environments. Dust free environments demand flooring that meet the unique variety of each space.

Consider some of the spaces in the science and technology sector:

  • Laboratories
  • Electronics
  • R & D Facilities
  • Clean Rooms

Crown Polymer flooring systems specifically designed for science and technology are second to none when it comes to flooring specialization:

  • Flooring options that eliminate static and ground static to keep people safe
  • Integral floor-to-wall cove base options
  • Zero VOC seamless floors
  • Concrete moisture resistant and waterproof coating options
  • No grout lines or tile edges

Endless Options for Science and Technology Epoxy Flooring

Crown Polymer can help you select the best flooring solution to fit your application and budget. With Crown Polymer there is no such thing as a limited selection of concrete epoxy flooring options or a limited range of polymer technology:

  • Unlimited design possibilities to match new or existing decor
  • Antimicrobial flooring protection
  • Chemical, acid, stain and abrasion resistant flooring options
  • Exceptionally smooth, mildly profiled, easy to sanitize, slip resistant finishes

Fast-Curing Floor Coatings Specially Designed for or Science and Technology

High cost flooring projects for science and technology spaces cannot afford to wait several days for a flooring installation to complete. Sensitive equipment, pathogen control and other factors require lower room temperatures and can have significant effects on the curing speed of standard concrete epoxy floor coating systems.

Crown Polymer’s wide selection of high-performance and fast-curing options for science and technology applications feature several resinous flooring formulations that:

  • Cure fast in colder temperatures
  • Complete flooring in as little as one day depending on the size of the room

Safety of employees and passengers is number one when it comes to the right flooring. Slip and fall accidents cost the transportation industry millions of dollars each year.

Protect your passengers and avoid litigation with the sustained slip resistance inherent in all Crown Polymer’s transport flooring solutions. We are committed to helping you select the right floor for your transportation project and we can even create customized turn-key kits for easy installation.

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