Case Studies

Industrial Floors

Veterinary Office/Kennel


High volume city veterinary office and kennel, needed a decorative heavy duty floor system that can resist bleach and urine. Double broadcast Crown Flake with Product 323, CrownShield 40-2 as base coat and intermediate coat. Product 334, Crown Pro 10, 100% solids polyurea was used for the top coat, they needed an odorless product to protect the animals being boarded in a separate area of the building at the time of the job. In entrances and hallways # 60 aluminum oxide was used, in kennel areas top coat was left without texture for easy clean up.

Job Completed: May 2011

Products Used

323 Crown Shield 40-2

CrownShield® 40-2, Product No. 323 is a two-component pigmented modified epoxy floor base coating or epoxy polymer concrete (EPC) when aggregate is added. It is a 100% solids, moisture-insensitive, non-shrink, nearly no odor during application. It is not a top coat.

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Crown Pro 10

CrownPro 10, Product No. 334 are Non-yellowing, Two-Component UV Stable Polyaspartic Aliphatic Polyurea Top Coats for Wood, Tile, Concrete and Polymer Floor and Deck Coating Systems.

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